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BitBaan Lab was founded in 2016 by a group of graduated and students of Sharif University of Technology to produce high-quality products and offers technical engineering services in the field of ICT security. This laboratory produces products by using new technology and providing services in the ICT security in cooperation with Sharif University APA Center.

Mission and perspective

The mission of this company is to ensure a secure environment and privacy in the field of cyberspace for all people around the world. By 1404, “BitBaan Lab” is the leading company in the field of cybersecurity in the Middle East.


Our values are the guideline for the advancement of our activities. BitBaan always emphasizes the following values:

  • Innovation, honesty, hardworking, responsibility, assiduity, and professional ethics.
  • Respecting the personality and work of each other.
  • Respecting customers by identifying, understanding, and anticipating their needs.
  • Promotion of knowledge in order to increase the quality of activities, finding new solutions, creativity and logical reflection in doing tasks.
  • Continuous education and improving the skills of all employees in the lab.


  • Recruiting elite and graduate students from the best universities in Iran and the world.
  • Using the capacity of universities to produce knowledge-based products and services.
  • Promoting the technology of the world through education in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Exporting knowledge-based technology, products, and services.


This lab has provided many services to companies and organizations throughout Iran such as MCI, Iran’s National Elites Foundation, Parsian Bank, APA Center of Sharif University of Technology and APA Center of Jahrom.